My story is going to be about the nonprofit “Harm Reduction Sisters.” I am going to focus on the founder Sue Purchase. Harm Reduction Sisters provides clean injection supplies to reduce the spread blood-borne illnesses in drug users, mitigate overdoses, and reduce death by overdose. She also works to educate people on this matter as well. This story is important because drug use and overdose is a big problem in Duluth and all of the Northland, bigger than most people realize. I want to bring attention to this matter and how local Duluthians are working with the community to fix it. The key source in my story would be Sue Purchase. I think since she is the founder it will be my only source, since I want to take more of a profile take. I have done research on her nonprofit, and I plan on interviewing her soon. I think it would be really cool to do a day-in-the-life with Sue, but with COVID I won’t be able to join her. So maybe I can have her tell me what she did in a day, or something. This story will make a good narrative because it is addressing a problem in Duluth and Sue is helping to fix it.